I Hate Guns

Duck #121

I fear to add to the cacophony that’s social media.

Millennials and Boomers banging loud.
With their thoughts and opinions.

Screams for justice.
Cries for reform.
Wails for healing.

There’s someone I love in Atlanta.
Thirteen bullets put in his body.
Thieves in the night.
Answers escape even Solomon.
Bottled tears keep shelves stocked.
Body open for business.
“I’ll come back later for questions”
“There’s no need
People don’t survive this.”
But he did.
Who pays for the damages?
For what was stolen?

There’s someone I’ll never meet in El Paso.
Searching for paper towels…
Found dead.
Clean up on aisle 31.
Suffice it to say supremacy.
Wax racist and call it patriotic.
Antihesis to synonym?
“¡Ayuda! Necesitamos un doctor.”
“¡No! No somos ciudadanos estadounidenses.”

There’s someone I know in Raleigh.
Running. Training. Ready.
A holster attached to the hip.
Carried in secret.
Freedom and Rights, what are your names?
Feet positioned in 2nd.
Amending for comfortability.


I fear to add to the cacophony.

Christian and Confused praying and reading.
Wrestling with a promise and growing tired in the waiting.

Screams for justice.
Cries for rest.
Wails for healing.

Innocent blood.
Shortened lives.

My God
My God
My God
…how long?

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