Duck #92

It’s finally starting to get cold. There grass wakes up to a blanket of frost and warm beverages are in high demand. The air feels thin and sharp and sets out to pierce your lungs as you inhale, forcing you to pay attention to the quiet and listen to what it’s saying. This is my favorite part about winter, when the wind is hushed and traffic slows, the cold seems almost bearable and listening feels like the most important task you can do.

I’ve been doing a lot of listening lately. To music, books on tape, voices of characters on Netflix, friends, family, more music, more characters on Netflix. I’ve been doing so much listening that I can barely hear anything, and so I’ve asked myself…where is the voice of the Lord in all of this?  Why am I not listening to it? It’s there, I’m sure– still, constant, steadfast, kind. It’s so, so kind. Kind and tender. It’s everything I need and nothing I want. I don’t want to ponder or respond, I want to fly and react. I want loud and distracting and exciting and summer, but the Lord is offering soft and gentle and calm and winter.

The winter’s quiet makes me think and forces me to listen, yet for some reason, right now, I’m afraid of what I’ll hear. Do you ever feel that way? Have you ever been so curious that you’re practically paralyzed, incapable of finding the answer? I heard in a sermon once that we operate out of what we believe, not what what we know. I think that what I believe and what I know will converge in winter’s silence. I think they will have an all out brawl and that I’ll be forced to watch. It won’t be loud or messy, that would be far too easy. It will be intentional and deep. I think I’ll have to acknowledge their misalignment and I don’t want to. I think that fear offers a false sense of security and worry tricks you into thinking it’s a cheaper, knock off brand of freedom.

God has not given you a spirit of fear…

Fear not, for I am with you…
Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing…
His steadfast love endures forever…

Enter the stillness.
Sit in the quite.
Remind yourself of the truth.
Listen for His voice.
Let it sink in.

Winter comes every year.


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