Father, Brother, Friend

Duck #84
It is so odd to live in an age where information of devastation is made available within minutes of it happening. It is even crazier to think that such information is available at our fingertips.  But I know that good news exists too. In order for there to be acts deemed as “unjust,” there must a standard of “just” that exists as well. I so wish the news that was flooding our social media feeds was filled with joy and hope. I wish that we saw more stories of unity. However, right now, that is not the case. Like I said, I know it exits and I long for it, I am excited about it, but right now…my heart is heavy. Come, Lord Jesus, come. 

Father, Brother, Friend

I have a father. 

I am a young woman and I have a black father. 

He is kind and friendly and creative and he is black.

My father is talented and bright and fun and he is black. 

He is a teacher.

He is black. 

You have a brother.

You are a young woman and you have a black brother.

He is annoying and good at sports and pushes your buttons and he is black.

Your bother is your best friend and compassionate and thoughtful and he is black.

He is a salesman.

He is black.

he has a friend.

She is a young woman and she has a black friend.

He is smart and unassuming with clothes that always match and he is black.

Her friend is encouraging and careful, has a bright smile and he is black.

He is a police officer.

He is black.

So what do I do if my father is shot?

What do you do if your brother is shot?

What does she do if her friend is shot?


My father is an image bearer of Christ.

Your brother is an image bearer of Christ.

Her friend is an image bearer of Christ. 

The lives of these image bearers matter. 

The lives of these image bearers are important. 

The lives of these image bearers mean something. 

In the wake of tragedies involving men of color, I think of my father.

In the aftermath of senseless death involving men of color, you think of your brother.

In the waiting for justice involving men of color, she thinks of her friend.

We think. We love. We wait. We hope. We pray. We work. 

For our fathers, for our brothers, for our friends.

[Dear Lord,

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