The Moon & Music

Duck #43

I really like unity, especially when you don’t expect it. For example, when the moon decides to rear its face when the sun is still out (that happened today). For a few hours, the night and day are together in harmony. But it’s ironic because those light sources are supposed to be separated, they’re not meant to be together. But sometimes, sometimes the gap is lessened because part of the night shows up during the day. I like that.

I think that’s also why I like music so much. Music, with out words, can make you feel something. That’s what it’s supposed to do. It’s beautiful. I was sitting with friends in a coffee shop on campus today and asked, “Do you ever have those moments when you hear music and your body can’t help but to react?” I love that. I love when chords and harmonies and instruments and voices come together and strike something in you that’s always been there, but awakens from its dormant state for a moment or two. Music makes you feel. And then you add lyrics. Lyrics make you think. That’s one of the reasons why I love words so much, they make you think–when you put them together, particularly and acutely, they can make you think about so much in so many different ways.
Thinking and feeling. It’s ironic, again. It seems as though we’re constantly told to separate our head from our heart. We’re constantly told to make decisions more based on thought and less based off of feeling. But songs…songs combine both aspects of life. Songs combine the feeling of music and the thought of words into a beautiful combination, a harmony, a balance, a unity. I like that, too.

In this moment, as I think about everything I need to complete before and by exam week, I’m met with slight thoughts of worry and strange feelings of excitement. I’m met with the opportunity to sit in the tension of the “end” of one thing and the “beginning” of something else. My thoughts and my feelings are mixed up,  jumbled together, flattened, pulled, electrified…  But for right now, I like that they’re together, I like that they’re unified. Eventually, someday, they may have to separate. I can’t necessarily bring both wrapped up together everywhere I go. Sometimes, one (over another) may need to be at the forefront. But in the moments where there is alignment, in the moments where there is unity, I choose to enjoy it. I choose to relish in the space of togetherness. And when separation comes, I hope that I can trust the Lord to guide my heart and guide my head as I learn more about what He wants.

— ❤ Amen.

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