It’s Kind of Like Kickball

Duck #35

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and oddly enough I’m sort of excited about that. No, I’m not ready for school to start, per se, but I am ready for my friends to return to Boone. And with my friends will come routine.

Ah, yes. routine. Right now, it seems that’s something that’s lacking in my life. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of whatever it is that I’ve found myself to be doing consistently, life decides to throw a curve ball and knock me off my feet. Sometimes I can get right back up, other times it takes me a bit to stable myself, like the wind was knocked out of me.

If you played sports at any point in your schooling career, or life, you know what it’s like to have the wind knocked out of you. You know, when you’re playing kickball and the best kicker on the other team nails you straight in the gut. While you may have just saved the game and gotten the best player out, you’re left on the ground dazed, confused, maybe teary eyed, and breathless. But back then, that seemed to be the worst of our problems–getting hurt in kickball. These days, how I wish that being clobbered by a medium sized rubber ball was at the top of my list of concerns. At least you could see the ball coming. You knew how the story would end, but at least you were prepared for it.

So what do you do when you’re grown up and life comes at you so fast and so unexpectedly that when its kickball hits you, you’re completely unaware?
Truth be told, I don’t really know.
I think that’s why I want routine back in my life, at least I know what to expect. There’s probably some fault in that, but it’s honest. When I’m busy it is way easer to distract myself from what’s going on beyond turning in an assignment on time, remembering my notes in a song for my a capella group, or even making sure that I bring a dessert to the next club meeting. I’ll get into the groove of the game of life and so when I get nailed with the kickball (oversleeping, singing flat at a concert, getting the date wrong for a meeting, etc.), it doesn’t seem as bad. It still hurts, but it doesn’t take me off guard as much and the recovery time is often quicker. Simpler.

I say all of this because people lately have been asking me, “How’s life going?” or “How are you doing?” and for the sake of being honest my answer has been, “It’s going.” And it is. Like my good pal Ben Rector says, “Here’s the truth, life sucks sometimes…but life keeps moving on.” And he’s right. It does indeed keep moving, but for some reason I feel like I’m not moving with it. Fortunately, I serve a God who’s bigger than my inability to move forward. So, I join in with Ben again, “If You can hear me, I could use You right about now. If You can hear me, could You send some peace?”

To anyone that can empathize and/or sympathize with any of the aforementioned typing: No worries, you’re not alone 🙂

[Lord, restore the joy of your salvation to me and anyone who needs to be reminded of how GREAT You are. Oh, that you would rend the heavens. That you might come down & the mountains might tremble at your presence.]

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