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Well, I said I would blog about this later, and it’s later, so…
Question: What if we had really good vision?
Answer: Glasses and contacts wouldn’t be a thing.

True. But I don’t mean that kind of vision. What if we saw ourselves the way that our friends see us? What if we saw ourselves the way we see our friends? What if we used Jesus as our lens for vision?

See what I’m getting at?

As someone who has a  skewed image of herself, it’s hard to blog about this objectively. So, I won’t. I’m just going to be as honest as I can be. More than likely this is going to be me processing out loud. Well, out loud as in the sense that I’m going to process as I type.
And speaking honestly, I do wish that I saw myself the way that my friends see me, the way my Savior sees me. However, keeping with this whole honesty thing, I wish that my friends saw themselves the way that I see them. Additionally, I do wish that they saw themselves the way that Jesus sees them, but I can’t understand how Jesus sees me so I don’t know how to want that for my friends…since I myself don’t truly get it. Ya know? Ultimately, looking at life and people the way that the Lord does is the goal, but that is extremely hard to do.

But I have a theory. It may not be theologically sound or completely accurate, but maybe there’s some merit to it.
Here’s what I think: I think the Lord knows that we want to want to see ourselves and others like He does. I think that the Lord knows we don’t do that, though. I think that the Lord gives us other people and uses them to remind us (even minutely) of how He looks at us. I also think that the Lord is jealous for us and doesn’t want us to earnestly seek after affirmation from other people. I think that the Lord wants us to see Him in other people as a means for our gaze to be directed toward Him. I think that the Lord designed us for community and relationships and to be surrounded by people, but we are not to be consumed by them. We are to be consumed by Him.

That word has such a heavy connotation, doesn’t it? What does it mean to be completely consumed by something, someone? It’s usually a negative thing. I know that I have a very addictive/obsessive nature. For example, when I watch a movie or TV show, or read a book that I really like, ALL my thoughts are consumed by the storyline. I want to talk and think about it for as long as I can. Sometimes, I’ll put off doing things that I need to be doing just so that I can let my thoughts be carried away by this fictional reality that I’ve fallen in love with. In that sense, consumption can be dangerous. My vision becomes hazy and I begin to compare my life and the people in it to the life and people in the movie, TV show, or book.

But let’s say that it was Christ and His kingdom that consumed my thoughts. What if that was what I wanted to talk and think about all day? What if I compared my life and the people in it to my Savior? Things would be radically different, I’m sure.

But I don’t often do this. I allow my vision to be averted to things that that quickly satisfy, but don’t satisfy for long. And the Lord is faithful in the quick moments, He will continue to be. But when will I look first and only to Him for satisfaction rather than people?
(I thought I was going to write more about trying to see myself the way my friends do, but alas…it’s taken a turn toward Jesus. Funny how that seems to happen, eh?)

I’ve learned and will continue to learn that It’s so much harder to impress people than it is to impress the Lord. Why? Because the Lord doesn’t need to be impressed. The Lord is already satisfied with me because in His eyes I’m complete.

Let that sink in for a moment.
The Lord doesn’t need to be impressed…

I know that, but I don’t see it. If my gut’s correct (and according to Olivia Pope (for all you SCANDAL fans out there), your gut is never wrong), I’m not alone in this. Vision is so important, y’all. It’s what guides a lot of what we do.
Deuteronomy 26:15 says “Look down from Heaven, your holy dwelling place, and bless Your people…” Repeatedly are there accounts in the Bible of people pleading with the Lord to look down on them with love, mercy, grace, compassion.


In response to Jesus looking DOWN on us, should we not look UP to Him? It’s like we want to, but we stop when we get half way there because people are at the halfway point and it’s much easier to look straight on than it is to look straight up. Ya know? We beg for the Lord to show us that He loves us, but when He does, we can’t seem to take that for what it is. Rather, I can’t seem to do that. He looks down and He smiles, but I look up and often feel ashamed because His love is so incomprehensible. But you know what’s crazy? Even when I look up with shame, the Lord’s vision isn’t averted or blurred or altered. It’s constant. His love his constant.


Remember the Dreamworks movie Prince of Egypt? Remember when Jethro sings, “Look at your life through Heaven’s eyes?”
I think he was on to something…

[Lord, thank You for the gift of sight. Can you teach me to see? I believe, help my unbelief.]

❤ Amen

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