“If I ever get …

“If I ever get around to living, it’s gonna be just like I dreamed.” -John Mayer

Honestly, I don’t even know fully where to start this post. I have so many thoughts, so I’ll try to organize this them. Duck #8 goes out to the John Mayer concert I went to last night.

Yes, John Mayer. I wasn’t as pumped about the concert as my friends. I do thoroughly like John’s music, but it wasn’t until he started playing that I realized how much I truly appreciate it. But we’ll go into that a bit later. 

I think I want to start with the concept of concerts in general.
In my generation, going to concerts is “the thing” to do. Especially in college. It’s wild, it’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s young. It’s everything that you think should define your youth all wrapped up into one night full of good people and good music. It’s supposed to be a time of little to no anxiety and worry, yet I believe that it’s there.

As a girl the worry and anxiety comes from, “the perfect outfit.” As a guy…well, I don’t really know because I’m not a guy…

But think about it, as a girl you need to find the right balance of an outfit that says, “I’m cute AND comfortable.” Then there’s the few outfits that say, “I think I’m cute, but I’m extremely UNcomfortable.” And last but not least there’s the outfits that say, “Hello, I want you to stare at my body because I’m showing off more of my curves than I am my clothes.”

IT’S STUPID. We all fall into that. And then, when you get to the concert you immediately start to judge every girl you see in 2 ways.
1) Is she wearing something similar to me? (to try and validate your own insecurities) 

2) Is she  wearing something better/worse than me? (STILL to try and validate your own insecurities)

Guilty as charged, I was doing this last night. I wish that I wasn’t. But see…the beautiful thing about concerts is that as soon as the music starts all of those insecurities, all of the worry, all of the judgement fades. In that moment when your favorite artist waltzes on stage like he/she owns the venue, your attention is locked on the magic being created on stage via guitar/piano/vocal chord that renders you speechless except for the ability to cheer. I think John Mayer was right about the fact that GREAT moments are really only 12 seconds long. It’s in those 12 seconds that he says, “you’re not hungry, you’re not thirsty, you don’t want to be anywhere else…” And he’s right–“Life isn’t short, it’s not small, but truly great moments are shorter than we expected,” and we need to cherish them (Mayer). 

Concerts, music, that atmosphere…those things will do that to us. For 12 seconds, those things remind us of the small nuggets of golden moments in life that sometimes make life worth living. 

But here’s the kicker. As much as John valiantly expressed his passion and love for music and his fans, there was still a sense of sadness in his voice. It’s almost like he was saying and singing such poetry in hopes to warn us of the unsatisfactory feelings of “trying to live” can bring.
I mean, think about it…trying to live for those little moments is hard. It’s exhausting. It’s confusing (it doesn’t always work out). Little moments seem to just happen. And they’re not permanent.

It’s the intervals in between the GREAT moments that everything we don’t want to think or feel comes along. And those feelings are not always bad, just unwanted. I feel like that’s the way John lives. But I also think that it’s because of this way of life that he writes such incredible music. 

I was enveloped by the music at the concert. The audience was too. At one moment, I looked to my left and I saw a girl dancing, eyes closed, hands up, bewitched by the moment. It was almost like she was worshiping John. I smiled at first, for I too was entranced, but not to the point of worship. It was an interesting experience. The girl and I were sharing life at that point in time, but we were both having completely different reactions. It was then that I resolved to remind myself that John is just a person. An EXTREMELY talented person, but a person nonetheless. I do somewhat understand the girl’s reaction, though. After the concert I have grown a deeper appreciation for John’s music. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s good. He’s still just a person, but a person that deserves the success he’s been given.

So what’s my point? Truthfully, I really don’t know.
Don’t forget to live. Don’t forget to enjoy the little moments. Don’t worry. Don’t judge.

But do all of this not to say that you’re doing it, but just to do it…

[Lord, thank You for the gift of music…for the gift of life. Help me to live the way You want me to. In fact, show me what that’s like…]
❤ Amen

One thought on ““If I ever get …

  1. I was at the same concert last night & I have had to remove myself from cloud nine because it feels like I am still there. I was one of the girls who had her hands in the air, tear falling as he began to play Gravity. Awesome post. You really captured the rawness of it.

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