“Desert Soul” -Rend Collective Experiment

“Desert Soul” -Rend Collective Experiment

I feel like for the average “baby blogger,” I’m blogging quite a bit. Honestly, the thoughts that I think are worth sharing, I want to post as much as possible, for I know that when school starts this is going to turn into a once a week thing. (She types hopefully…)

Anyways…here’s Duck #2.5…
A friend of mine showed me this song a few days ago, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since. Honestly, though, I really don’t have much to say about it (stocking, I know). I feel like the song speaks for itself. I can’t get the lyrics, nor the tune out of my head. But since I’m trying to align my ducks, I had to stick this little nugget in there somewhere. (Especially since it’s been playing on repeat in and outside of my head.)

Maybe at this particular point and time in my life this is exactly what I needed to hear?
Maybe I needed to be reminded of certain truths?

[Lord, thank You for Your love. Help me to love like You do. May I be reminded constantly that I am nothing without You. Flood me with Your grace.]

❤ Amen

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